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Structuring Effective Chaos
powered by Mindscapes
con Ravid Kuperberg (Partner & Trainer di Mindscapes)

How to boost creative thinking by disabling ‘automatic’ conventional thinking.
Our mind, which is our biggest asset when it comes to creative thinking, is many times also our biggest foe. Analysis of award-winning innovative creative ideas shows that many of them shatter cognitive biases and mental blocks, delivering a surprising creative outcome. Overcoming such barriers can be done by applying a structured thinking mechanism which overrides our intuitive thinking and exposes our mind to disruptive thinking paths. In other words, we can benefit from structuring a disruptive chaos which is effective and useful for liberating our imagination and creativity.
This session will discuss about produce disruptive creative thinking by decoding recurring thinking patterns embedded in award winning innovative ideas and translating these patterns into practical thinking tools we can Rock’n’Roll with!